About Us

History & Objectives


“To run educational institutions, such as pre-primary, primary and high schools.”

“To provide children of all communities with sound general education through the medium of English.”

“To infuse children a spirit of dedication to the services of their fellow Indians & loyalty to the mother land. ”

“To encourage physical fitness and for that purpose, to provide physical educational programs and afford facilities for participation of arts, science and commerce and other model studies which will prepare students for certificates, diploma and degree examinations.”

“To promote Indian culture especially in Indian games, arts and classics. ”

“To administer, run and maintain the school on modern lines of any other model organization whatsoever as may be determined by Satchittanand Education Society in their absolute discretion. ”

“To do all lawful things as are necessary and advisable for the conduct of Satchittanand Education Society in conformity with the objects herein mentioned to help children of various communities. ”

“To provide for the delivery and holding of lectures, exhibitions, classes, debates, matches, concerts, and get-together of every kind calculated directly or indirectly to advance the cause of education whether general, professional or technical to help Indian children. ”

“To print, publish and circulate or otherwise deal with any books, journals or magazine of the school and educational books to aid Indian students.”


  To continue the ethos of excellence and nurture students to their fullest potential to face challenges beyond school through holistic development in the global context.


  To develop value based life skills in students through appropriate teaching learning practices.

  To generate and implement developmental plans of each student by involving teachers and experts.

  To inculcate technology based learning practices to prepare students for tomorrow.

  To encourage involvement of students in curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and sports activities to ensure holistic development.

  To create an environment that fosters spirit of inclusive growth in students.

  To achieve qualitative improvement in the 100% result in State Board examination through innovative teaching learning process.

  To endeavor to meet expectations of stake holders.