Vidyanand Bhavan High School
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Nigdi Pradhikaran, Pune – 411044

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Extra- Curricular activities

Extra- Curricular activities should also be a part of child development program. We at Vidyanand Bhavan believe and support that.

As a part of this, there are different activities that we encourage your ward in! Some of them are


It is a martial art that was developed in Ryukyu Kingdom. With the techniques of punching, kicking, knee strikes and other styles, this is helpful for the development of good will power as well supports your ward in self-defense.

Vedic Mathematics

We know you have trusted us with your child. You (The Parents) and us (The Teaching Staff) have to make him/her the best. We have started with one of the stepping stones and that is Vedic Mathematics!

Dance (All 8 forms)

In totality there are 8 forms of dances currently conducted under Club activities viz Bollywood, Tollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Folk, Salsa, Zumba.

We support your child towards these forms.

Vidyanand Bhavan

Vidyanand Bhavan High School was established in the year 1984 and follows the State Board (SSC). The school is English medium and is a private, permanently-unaided, minority school. The syllabus followed is one prescribed by Department of Education, Maharashtra State.

The School has sent out 24 batches with almost 100% result. The School has an excellent track record in the field of sports (Football, Cricket, Netball and various other athletic games) reaching the National level tournaments.

The School endeavours to provide high quality education by putting emphasis on theoretical as well as practical knowledge. We constantly strive to find and recruit skilled and highly qualified faculty. The classrooms and laboratories are well equipped with latest instruments and safety precautions. Students are facilitated with a well-equipped library, computer lab, large playground and other services.

Our Events

Independence Day &
Republic Day
Yoga Day
World Environment Day
Teachers Day
Sports Day/Annual Day
Dahi Handi
PTA Meeting



Headed by Mrs. Aruna Anthony, Vidyanand Bhavan Primary School is committed to sow the seeds of knowledge for children's education with her wide base of experience.


Taking the baton forward from Primary School, Secondary School headed by Mrs. Chhaya Habbu, ensures the refinement of children's education across all fields parallel to their preparation for SSC.

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